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Recent Unit Sales History

LAST UPDATED: 1st October 2022
MYRA Condo Balance Unit Chart 14072022

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***Displaying recently sold units only***

17/07/2022: #05-02 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

22/05/2022: #11-01 – 1 Bedroom Sold!

16/05/2022: #12-08 – 1 Bedroom Sold!

16/05/2022: #12-01 – 1 Bedroom Sold!

16/05/2022: #11-08 – 1 Bedroom Sold!

15/05/2022: #09-01 – 1 Bedroom Sold!

15/05/2022: #10-01 – 1 Bedroom Sold!

12/05/2022: #10-08 – 1 Bedroom Sold!

12/05/2022: #08-01 – 1 Bedroom Sold!

12/05/2022: #08-06 – 4 Bedroom Sold!

11/05/2022: #07-01 – 1 Bedroom Sold!

11/05/2022: #02-08 – 1 Bedroom Sold!

08/05/2022: #04-01 – 1 Bedroom Sold!

08/05/2022: #06-01 – 1 Bedroom Sold!

24/04/2022: #04-08 – 1 Bedroom Sold!

10/04/2022: #05-08 – 1 Bedroom Sold!

06/04/2022: #08-08 – 1 Bedroom Sold!

13/03/2022: #03-08 – 1 Bedroom Sold!

13/03/2022: #11-07 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

03/03/2022: #07-07 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

03/03/2022: #09-02 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

02/03/2022: #03-01 – 1 Bedroom Sold!

28/02/2022: #07-02 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

27/02/2022: #06-02 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

26/02/2022: #11-02 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

22/02/2022: #04-05 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

22/02/2022: #04-03 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

27/01/2022: #09-05 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

19/12/2021: #06-03 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

19/12/2021: #05-07 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

21/11/2021: #03-05 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

20/11/2021: #11-03 – 4 Bedroom Sold!

19/11/2021: #05-01 – 1 Bedroom Sold!

15/11/2021: #10-02 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

28/10/2021: #04-04 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

25/09/2021: #08-05 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

12/09/2021: #07-05 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

05/09/2021: #06-05 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

22/08/2021: #12-05 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

08/08/2021: #02-01 – 1 Bedroom Sold!

21/07/2021: #02-06 – 4 Bedroom Sold!

28/03/2021: #07-08 – 1 Bedroom Sold!

13/12/2020: #03-02 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

13/12/2020: #06-08 – 1 Bedroom Sold!

11/10/2020: #07-04 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

27/09/2020: #10-05 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

27/09/2020: #03-04 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

26/09/2020: #12-03 – 4 Bedroom Sold!

26/09/2020: #05-04 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

26/09/2020: #07-04 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

26/09/2020: #05-05 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

26/09/2020: #03-03 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

26/09/2020: #08-03 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

26/09/2020: #09-03 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

26/09/2020: #07-03 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

26/09/2020: #10-07 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

26/09/2020: #08-04 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

26/09/2020: #05-03 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

26/09/2020: #06-04 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

26/09/2020: #09-04 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

26/09/2020: #12-06 – 4 Bedroom Sold!

26/09/2020: #11-05 – 3 Bedroom Sold!

25/09/2020: #09-08 – 1 Bedroom Sold!

25/09/2020: #08-02 – 2 Bedroom Sold!

***Displaying recently sold units only***

Uncover the exceptional living atmosphere of myra
Myra is just a freehold advanced home dedicated to the concept of profitability. Positioned in a potong pasir, Myra is at the key of a vibrant, outstanding culture.
Potong pasir, wherever Myra is located, is really a energetic community in the 13th district. This really is a nice-looking refuge for anyone wanting for an unhurried life style that ultimately includes employment with quality time used with family and buddies, equally inside and outdoors.
Home in the segment
At a moment when developments around people are growing very quickly, rituals manage to occur in the facial skin of emerging modernity. Myra is positioned along a 4.2 km long, built history corridor that crosses a variety of joined enclaves of arrived properties and heritage shops and leads entirely down to top of the serangoon lane. The rustic aesthetics of Potong Pasir’s early-morning organization, its down-to – world copitiams, have a photogenic truth in the middle of fashionable cafés, metal and glass searching centers, and its ever-changing suburban skyline.
Are now living in vibrant neighbourhoods, lined by green counters, areas and schools.
Myra ‘s position is at the primary of the new Ura campaign to encourage the greening of the serangoon. The final 1,6 km extended park url – the bidadari greenway and the bidadari dam – is merely one kilometer from myra. The park’s master design includes a car-lit and bicycle-friendly area with convenient usage of bishan, kallang, serangoon, ang mo kio, seletar, sengkang, all the way as much as the punggol. You will find an array of options correct above myra.
Then there’s the academic gain that comes in just a one-kilometer range, such as for example st andrew’s junior and extra colleges, e andrew’s junior schools and plank girls'major and secondary schools. With such area and a great range of transportation options, it is the easiest and safest path for children to drive, and the total reassurance for parents.
Immerse yourself in natural, incorporated areas with bicycle-friendly road connections.
Wherever on the table
Potong pasir is geographically placed halfway between the main business area and the east; flanked by pan-island expressway (pie), main expressway (cte) and kallang-paya lebar expressway (kpe). The Potong Passir mrt section easily hyperlinks the people of the city.
For details on the right area use and design of the sites beneath the property system, the proposed builder may make reference to the grasp approach accessible on the website of the urban regeneration power at www.ura.gov.sg.
Connection that takes you a few momemts away from throughout the earth
A few stops out are active city centers (raffles subject, town hall), economic industry districts (marina bay financial centre), retail parks (paya lebar central), shopping centers (orchard, bugis, marina bay sands), emblematic landmarks (gardens by the beach, esplanade, fullerton beach, and more) and a modern medical center (novena). Pick the high-rise great dining,
Eateries, elegant rooftop bars, riverside bistros or a lavish remain in a selection of premium hotel stores or one-of-a-kind celebrity hotels. Swing on a number of entertaining functions such as the annual Formula 1 Fantastic Prix, the prudential carnival, the art-box, stay padang reveals, fireworks and more.
Escape to Punggol Town along with your household in only 10 moments, just a fast travel from Myra or 7 stops from Potong Passir mrt. That latest township is a superb escape for the household or just after-work sleep and relaxation. There are lots of accessible recreational places, such as for instance rollerblading, strolling , jogging, picnics and more. Punggol City provides never-ending picture-perfect opportunities at every turn-from their lovely sand, streams and promenade to their numerous bars, restaurants, bistros and buying malls.
Like a genuine 5-star knowledge
Manufacturers in the emblematic bay of the marina
Catch the screenshot of Instagram
The Punggol Place
At the entranceway, the feeling of greenery surrounds you – coating upon layer of leaves, delicate ferns and shrubs, with various shapes, colors and textures. A smooth, comforting wind, created probable by increasing organic cross ventilation, can allow you to relax. The trendy doorman stretches out along with his reflected parasol, adding color and water shelter. Okay, delightful to this. In that phase, its vivid reflections broaden and enrich their natural landscapes. Once you go through the fantastic reception, you’re greeted by the’oculus’– a rotating skylight that leads your eyes to the planting below and the bordering comes by day; though during the night, you give attention to the sparkling enjoy of lights and shadows; and through the entire rain, you guide the rain bath to the planter below.
Myra ‘s hottest concept of exclusivity
The Strongest Lobby
Crafted by award-winning Uk architects, pitman tozer architects * in venture with local architects jgp architecture * and landscape architects aspex style *, myra provides a multi-layer atmosphere that gives new explanation to exclusivity.
From afar, myra has an exceptional search using its carefully rounded façade and brightly polished, flat, metal’ribbons’that move upwards – from wine on the reduced floors to soft gold on the upper floor with straight lines. Nevertheless, rather than elegance, the outside’ribbons'still have really practical features – to protect both the people and the house from the sun and rain, and to protect the balconies and the air-conditioning curtains.
A dense forest of woods offers their people a brilliant green tranquility in the middle of the motion of sun and clouds and the flow of the speeding streams.
Comprising only 85 residences with only 7 or 8 devices per house, myra is a surprising find in the ocean of the sameness that surrounds us. Myra , suddenly, exemplifies the dream of an personal life. Myra encourages finding and expression through their distinctive structures, the natural forests and the nearby water source.
85 12-storey houses – these filled with myra serenity. Information of Exclusivity Created
A exotic paradise to immerse the mind , body and soul.
Myra’s main element is their collection of interconnected waters, operated with a 25 m lap share, each that produces several factors of water, each which opens out to fresh room and gives various experiences. There is a calm place on the north-eastern coast, with the unique function of stuffed wetlands being formed as water rivulets. Here are the panels of the sunbath.
Loungers, a jog by the seaside, a private lounge, an alfresco bbq dining area, and also a cushty environment.
Flake out in the soothing flow of the rivulets of water as they movement from the bathtub.
In the frequency, drink up from your terrace
Rooms in the pipeline together with your well-being in your mind
Moving out to the south-east side, the vitality intensity is increasing. Here you can see the hydro-arena, the hydro-therapy pool that hyperlinks to the outdoor spa, which seems to be suspended on the surface of the water, providing an ideal view of the lake and the garden from its vantage point. The share completes in the south for a far more lively and family-oriented environment, including a tiny swimming pool with its own little pool deck and, further east, a greenhouse and a kids’ playground.
Suspended human well-being
Then, to the north, carefully shaded by a thicket of seedlings extending the thickness of your home, lies the outdoor eating area with a club mounted on it. In that serene setting correct alongside the grand lobby, you are surrounded by lush ferns and fern woods that’ll produce an remarkable dining experience.
In general, myra ‘s large articles and reflected surfaces, the shades of greenery, the numerous different spaces and water borders, and the encompassing human anatomy of water come together to generate an unmistakably spectacular, elegant paradise of equilibrium and tranquility that’s almost … It’s so soothing.
Cardiovascular area of 25 m, hydro-gym, hydro-therapy container
Operation Activation
Myra’s dwellings are derived from a rather contemporary agreement of the quarters. From the land, the architecture exudes quiet and modest style in deference to their spot and culture as a whole. But their façade, with its lightly rounded ends, shows its own perspective frankly and powerfully.
Within, a sensational feeling of place and natural mild welcomes you with the wish of a business with a fresh outlook about how precisely easy life can be. Room is both stimulating and personal.
Mental serenity, external tranquility
Individual bedroom (Type 1)
Display your device images
Living and eating (Typ 1)
Show your device pictures
The textiles and finishes picked are plain and unpretentious to match the surroundings. And every home is, undeniably, a luxurious home.
The balance of function and esthetics is noticeable in the 85 residences;
Any component was tackled with the desires and the best pleasure of homeowners in mind.
There is a specific rhythmic series – from the seamlessness of living rooms to the openness of areas and views that open up to the green vegetation of the woods and ecosystems under, because of the consistency of the center.
Myra has been crafted having an muted attraction that encourages an internal feeling of calm that mixes effortlessly with the harmony of their surroundings.
Room 4 (Type 1)
Kitchen Level 1

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✅ 1 mins walk to Poiz centre
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✅ Mins drive to city and all amenities

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4BR Fr $3.36M (Last 9 units)


✅ Dumbbell Layout
✅ Enclosable Kitchen with windows
✅ Masterbath with Windows

• #02-04 - $1,825,000

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